Wolfram Alpha: http://wolframalpha.com

Computational Knowledge Engine - Wikipedia on Steroids

Khan Academy: http://khanacademy.org

Free Courses

Unplug The TV: http://unplugthetv.com

Boob Tube Alternative

Time Travel

Wayback Machine: http://archive.org/web

Go Back In Time - If It Was Indexed, It's Here

Future Timeline: http://www.futuretimeline.net

Go Forward In Time - In Depth Predictions


Ninite: http://ninite.com

Instal / Update Multiple Programs / Apps - Useful For Computer Repairs or Upgrades

Get Mac Apps: http://getmacapps.com

For Those Caught Up In The Mac "Cult"

Alternative To: http://alternativeto.net

Free Apps / Programs For Weirdos Looking For "Alternatives" 

Mailinator: http://mailinator.com

Throw Down Email Address Your Spouse Can Throw Down At "Bed, Bath, And In Between"


Nerdy Day Trips: http://nerdydaytrips.com

Looking For Something Your Nerd To Do? Places Near And Far 

NotPron Game: http://notpron.org/notpron

Avoid This Addiction And Don't Call Me If You're Stuck For Three Daze

Windows 93: http://windows93.net

Easter Eggs Galore


Coffitivity: http://coffitivity.com

Recreates The ASound Of A coffee Shop So You Can Get Some Work Done

Interfacelift: http://interfacelift.com

Great Free Wall Paper And Backgrounds


My Fridge Food: http://myfridgefood.com

Tell It What's In Your Fridge And It Gives You Suggestions 

Eat This Much: http://eatthismuch.com
Enter Your Desired Number Of Calories, Number Of Meals That Day, And What You Like To Eat

It Gives You A Meal Plan

Fun Places Around The WeirdWorldWeb

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