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Covers  and  Waves

  • Colour My World2:56
  • Strawberry Fields Forever2:57
  • Stardust by Hoagy Carmichael2:11
  • Rock Improvisation4:25
  • Shenandoah2:54
  • Autumn Leaves3:32
  • Beau Soir2:16
  • Love Hurts by Boudleaux Bryant3:50

Hi! Please take a moment to stream a few of my tunes (free). If you hear something you like, please consider adding it to your playlist.

My "goal" is to sell 500K downloads but my hope and faith rest wholly in creating artful music that will speak to the heart. Best with headphones, earbuds,

or stereo. I remain grateful for family and caregivers who keep me rolling. I'm blessed with the tools and inspiration to create this music. Proceeds

benefit my struggle with spinal myelopathy. 
Love  and light,
Happy :)