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Happy Tribe

Art and Music

 John “Happy” Valentine Born: 1957 Knoxville, Tennessee.

Resides: Houston, Texas.

Bachelor of Music, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi, Texas, 1998.

Studied Kodály materials at Texas State University
San Marcos Texas, 2004.

Gallery Exhibitions The Big Show 2013, Lawndale Art Center, Houston. Salon des Refusés 2013, BLUEorange Gallery, Houston.
Texas State University, 2013, San Marcos, Texas.

Member Lawndale Art Center

Happy's journey as a musician, artist, and teacher started at San Jacinto College  in the late 70s. He, later, studied at Sam Houston State as a chorister and conductor and finished his undergrad work at A&M in Corpus Christi where he worked at the Center for the Arts doing everything from tending kilns to preparing for concerts and theatrical productions. His responsibilities included stage work and recording monthly NPR performances After graduating, he returned to Pasadena and directed the Southmore Orchestra program for three years. His last teaching position spanned seven years as the director of music at Edison Middle School located in Houston's historic east end. During that time, he studied Kodaly materials at Texas State University. He has frequently been immersed in a broad range of diverse experiences in the arts.  He has an appreciation for a wide variety of arts and media.  Currently, he composes, records,  and sells his improvisations and art on this site. 

Happy Tribe is currently accepting proposals for new work.